Our Each Melody – Owls April Blog Tour

Music is a window to an inner selfs.


Time to so spread the music love for this April month. Time to chill out and have some fun with this topic.

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Nagi No Asukara Review

lull in the sea
Anime: Nagi No Asukara/A Lull In The Sea
Published: 2014

Genre: Romance, Drama , Fantasy 
Producer: P.A Works
Episodes: 26

“Melted into the sea, melted into the air, going beyond time. The feelings are passed down. This world is full of shining feelings”

I feel like going for a swim now !!!
Welcome everyone to another review!!

This review I am about to give you has been the most eager I’ve wanted to write out of all of the ones I have done so far. This anime I heard about from my good blogger friend Taku which you can go read their inspiring review here, we had been talking about this series in many chats yanking on my ear to finally watch the thing !! This Christmas from my family they bought me the series, my eyes were in STAR MODE, finally I watched it…. the most feely, outstanding anime series I have seen since I fell in love with The Vision Of Escaflowne. So TAKU this review goes out to you as Lita reviews the beautiful, rip tiding A Lull In The Sea.

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Anime News Lita Is Excited For


Hello everyone Looney Lita here !!

We all love that feeling that makes us get psyched about new anime announcements Am I wrong? You cannot deny we have all been like Mr Kitty up here ↑

I bring you a very interesting post to start off a new week, I have been wanting to do this post for ages, ages, ages, ages etc but never got around to it and finally I have time I wanted to talk about some anime news, announcements that I have found out about recently or known about over the last few months. Who knows you guys might get excited about any of the following things I will mention and we can be excited together?

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Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 6: Anime You Want To see but haven’t yet

Day 6: Anime You Want To see but haven’t yet

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