Lita Has The Feels Over: Charlotte Episode 6


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To a new segment for my blog I talked about it my blog changes post where from to time to time I would be talking about anything that has just made me go AHHH or have major feels over. Anime gives us all the feels and their are just those moments in certain episodes that we just want to express to the world how it made us feel, In this first anime and moments post I will be talking Charlotte episode 6 when I finally caught up on this summer anime.

*Read At Own Risk*
I warned you.

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The Summer Season Tunes That Have Me In A Spin ~


Time to talk tunes this weekend 🙂
I hope everyone is having a great weekend I worked the whole time oh it’s that always a joy >.> I may have mentioned a few posts ago many new kinds of thing would be coming to my blog because you never know and this post is the first of many.

This Summer season has been flying high and with it for me has got some of the most addictive anime tunes I have become recently obsessed with and I listen to them day in day out. I wanted to share with you all which ones have got me in a spin. 🙂

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Lita’s Summer Anime First Impression: Charlotte


Supernatural powers at it’s best
You should be watching this show too !!!

In this world there is a small percentage of children who end up with supernatural powers when they hit puberty , Crafty Yu Otosaka has the ability to temporarily possess others. Getting what he wants was a never a problem for him until he is caught red handed by a strange girl Nao. Who also like him has a supernatural power, Immediately Yu along with his sister are forced to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy where he must be apart of the student council. To help others with supernatural abilities just like themselves.

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