A Cool Concept | Kuromukuro


Oh my goodness it’s a anime review thing…haha it’s been since November since in doing one. I’ve been avoiding them till now honestly but time to get back into the groove of things. Covering a off-side mecha series that don’t feel, has gotten enough love. I said I’d be going into more detail with this one.

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December 2016 Nerdy Favourites

monthly favs

Been a month since I did a favorites post!!
It’s December Favourites Time !!

Welcome Folks~~!

To another monthly favorites where each month I go through all my nerdy happenings and it’s always consist of the following:

Favorite Anime
– Favorite Manga 
– Favorite Anime Song
– Favorite Purchase
Other Nerdy Stuff

This segment in my blog gives me a chance to talk my feels on things that I have become obsessed with and hoping people discover something new. Let’s get our NERD ON !!!

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12 Days Of Anime Day 4: Addictive Anime Tunes Of 2016


Welcome to the fourth day 12 days of anime.

I seem to be a tad behind due to getting busy unexpected but I wanted to talk about on this day is memorable anime songs I got addicted to this year. On my youtube last year I made a list of favourites and wanted to do the same thing. Hey you might discover something new hehe.

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12 Days Of Anime Day 1 2016: Amanchu

Image result for amanchu
Welcome to the first day of 12 days of anime, My posts aren’t going to be mega long under 1000 words.

I’ve not been in the seasonal game of anime much this year, wish I had on some occasions. I did manage to check out some shows from the different seasons but one that stood out most was Amanchu from Summer 2016.

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Another Crazy Challenge 12 Days Of Anime Introduction

Image result for christmas anime scenery

Well I know I mentioned in a update post  I wasn’t going to be posting every day for the 12 days of anime but I changed my mind and take on another posting every day challenge. Why wouldn’t I after September blog-a -thon about killed me.

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