~Collection of favourite editorial and discussion pieces that I enjoyed writing about~

Maybe It Was To Fate? After 9 Years | Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel
Hadn’t seen Fate Stay Knight in 9 years and decided to check out the first part of the trilogy movies based off the Visual Novel. Made me miss this franchise and was a action-packed experience

Enjoyment Factor Matters MostSince starting this blog enjoyment factor in my content and what I want to write. Matters most to me and wanted to emphasis this importance

 Finding The Deeper MeaningsI used one of my favourite series Witchblade to talk about behind the ecchi and fan service elements. That there was deeper meanings of family and sacrifice, in anime we should look for those deeper meanings. 

 Listening To Your Own Judgement – Anime Hype Hype is not a bad thing but when it comes to trying out anime. It’s all about what’s popular these days but listening to others opinions. Can shroud your own judgement in watching anime

 “This Looks Average” Has This Been You? I’ve stopped being so judgemental when it comes to watching new shows and having a more open mind. That you should make your own judgement.

 Anime Victims Of SacrificeFeeling previously inspired from a old post decided to write about a important topic, Sacrifice. Explore it’s different meanings.  

Lita’s Anime Collecting TipsI’m a collector wanted to share my tips for when buying anime or manga. 

Feeling The Anime Burn? We all reach a point we need a breather from watching anything, or we had high expectations. Only to be left disappointed.