Let Lita Indulge In Some Anime Excitement


I’m always eternally grateful for the amount anime announcements we get on the daily. Weekend before there were some announcements and other things I found out over the course of this year ALREADY. I can’t quite process it all…. Now I have new anime wants for my own collection. LET’S FANGIRL ABOUT IT !! 


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Grief Frustration Of They Have It And You Don’t

 Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 10.17.02 pm

It’s been a good while since doing an episodic focus but while upon finishing Norgami season one. Episode nine just screamed out to me with a characters plead, that ran deep. 
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Burden Of One’s Self And A Hand That Reached Out

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Remember those special episode coverages that were coming well were beginning with Fall 2017 The Ancient Magus Bride. 

*Minor Spoilers*

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Scenes For Leaving Me In Feels Land #1

*Clarifying there will be spoilers in this post for anyone who has not seen the shows. Read at your own discretion.*

Anime knows how to leave you in a puddle of your own tears, feels, etc. Why am I even going to be discussing this knowing it might set me off.

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Loot Anime Crate That Get’d Me To Sub

I’ve never tried out subscription boxes of any sort. You want to get your monies worth is what I stick to. I’m a fan of Loot Anime but what is contained in this post would convince me to subscribe to their service on a monthly basis.

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Spring 2017 Hidden: Tsuki ga kirei

Mid spring seasonal post is coming this or next but I have to take the time to write this individual piece. On a series that became my favourite of this season within the first two episodes. It’s needs recognition.
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Xmas Special 2016: Anime To Watch On Your Holidays

Wish my cat would sit under the tree like this, noo he wants to eat it

I think it’s fair enough to say I’ve failed the 12 days of anime which I’m fine with. Having two family birthdays three days before xmas is always hectic one of those was mine and including work. Fully now I am on holidays for 2 1/2 weeks which is good and decided to do a xmas special post like one I wrote last year, click here. I suggested some anime’s in the past I’ve either re-watched or seen around this time of year, so to those who like to do nothing better and binge watch all the anime’s. The following I recommend to you will lift your spirits and feeling happy.. well I hope so anyway.

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