It’s The October/Mid November Post – A Rama COMEBACK!!



Been a hot… should say cold minute but this sunshine Australian life has been an influence. ARE YOU READY FOR A BIG POST – A – RAMA FELLOW PEOPLE !! I’m prepared to go out this year with a bang starting this week… well Lita will do her best.

We’re back homies!! 


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My Crazy For Anime Started Early

Month ago I did a podcast with fellow aussie blog Steph, it was a blast. I had a major trip of nostalgia during the cast and wanted to share, fond memories as a child with anime.

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Live To The Fullest Is Mentoring, You Know – OWLS July Mentor

Crazy dude.


Woho Guess who is back off hiatus? some crazy blogger girl who wants to be Sailor Jupiter in real life. What better way to come back with my entry for this July’s tour focus on “Mentor”. I have the best one of a kind mentor right here ?!? 


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Inseparable Envy Fairytale Pair

They are just too much.

Shirayuki and Zen brought up hidden away feelings, that you or I might keep locked away. They to me have a fairytale relationship in a way.

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OH MY FEELS !! Violet Evergarden – That Nerd Lita Podcast #1

Tear Jerker Violet Evergarden

Month later, I have episode one coming out now. I scrapped my original plans but so glad I did.

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Humid Friday Feature – Go Away Humdity

That’s all I’ve felt like doing this past week.

Sorry there was no Friday Feature had no time aside to write the feature. But I’ve been spending catching up on some blog post reading. Been reading on the daily to get myself into a routine. 

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“Revival” Blog Tour Round Up (January 2018)

Here is my group Owls round up of our January Tour.!! I barley reblogged out schedules or roundups last year. Try not to let that happen this year haha lol Some amazing posts from our group XD

OWLS: Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect

Hey Hey Owlets! Naja here, wrapping up our first Blog Tour of 2018!! Thanks to everyone who has been with us since the beginning and welcome all you just now joining the OWLS Party! In the spirit of the new year, this month’s tour topic was “Revival”. We started 2018 off with a bang, with some seriously phenomenal posts from each and every one of our super special awesome members!!

We had one super special awesome new member participate in this month’s tour, so everyone give a warm shoutout to Shokamoka!! Now let’s get this show on the road:

“Revival” Blog Tour Prompt

A new year implies “new beginnings.” Yet, rather than discussing the “new,” we will be discussing the “revival.” “Revival” has multiple definitions, but the meaning we will be focusing on is the improvement, development, or refinement of something. Our posts will be about characters that undergo a positive…

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