Fairies Gone Bad


My second favourite studio P.A Works was back for this spring 2019 season. Giving us supernatural Sirius The Jaeger now diving into the realm of war and fantasy with original series Fairy Gone.


Finally we’re here to discuss more spring 2019 and Fairy Gone was the most I was excited for next to Fruits Basket. Fairy Gone has been getting mixed reactions from fans, with most intriguing and unique series this season, first episode might not have delivered enough punch for you to be hooked on. From there everything has felt sporadic but personally this series has my complete attention and intrigue. I can’t see a reason to completely skip this series, when the potential in the premise sounds so fascinating.

War known as Unification, weapons Fairy Soldiers were used. Adult fairies were hunted down, as residing inside ‘fairy organ’, were transplanted into humans, giving humans special abilities. 300 soldiers were created by the end 17 only survived. After nine years, the war is over and Fairy Soldiers loose their sense of purpose, turning to illegal activities. Marlya joined the Mafia group in order to find her childhood friend from her home village, Suna. During a security job at an auction, Marlya is united with that friend Veronica. 

Veronica is clearly on the wrong side of the law as during their altercation, Marlya accidentally comes into a possession of a fairy. Veronica makes off with the goods ‘Black Fairy Tome’. Free her counterpart during their job, puts a tough choice to Marlya facing being arrested or joining the illegal agency group known as Dorothea Marlya decides join Dorothea but also in the hope to see her friend again. 


Free and Marlya I can see happening >//<


Original concept series are double edge sword I find delivering complete intrigue in it’s first few episodes is crucial or it doesn’t. Original series you never have much to go on and majority of P.A Works are similar, such is the case with Sirius The Jaeger – that series for me turned out to be such a good time. Fairy Gone’s prime problem for it’s mixed reactions in it’s first delivering punch. The first episode did hit that mark for me but the action factor enough to make me wish to continue. From there my feelings have been torn over this series but the potential Fairy Gone has to be a good series, is something I cannot ignore.

There equal things I love coincide yearn for the series to explore, so you know from this comment, I’ll be in for the long haul. I’ll need to divide up what I’m yearning and love about this series, in hoping this might help other people think how they feel about the series.



One of the main aspects I feel Fairy Gone has done pact is action factor. The fairy battles are kick-ass to me and these fairies summoned at will – attachment persona of their welders. It’s fascinating to see the different powers each fairy has, watching Free who works for Dorothea at work alongside his fairy Red Hood Wolf is pure awesomeness. Watching Free swing that sword around during battle has had me every time, these fairies are cool. Regarding the use of split animation Fairies are done in CGI, personally think it works well for the high energy battles, makes these fairy beings stand out more. It’s fair to feel CGI use feels out of place but I think encompasses alongside the 2D animation well.

The action factor is a plus but during episode 2 the series heavily relied on this aspect to keep interest I felt. I don’t want this to be regular occurrence, this series needs it’s plot to grip alongside the action.


Character Exploration 

Fairy Gone has quite the massive cast of characters introduced already, some at a alarming fast rate. This is a issue for me as the only characters I feel any attachment currently too is Marlya and Free. Purely for the fact so far been given the most focus, Maryla is a sweet ,pure hearted girl and Free genuine man with much charisma. Another reason the two share a connection feeling both are bad luck, bringing the worse to happen to those around them. Both holding no regard for their own worth. We’re given glimpse into their backstories, Maryla has been search of her childhood friend all this time, their village was burnt down and being on the run. Veronica saved Maryla by being a decoy then never saw her again and Free was apart of the war, there is lingering attachment, he can’t seem to let go of – also the issue of his comrade Wolfran turning on him.

Free and Maryla would love to know more about but also Veronica too. Discovering she still cares for Maryla from the latest episode, you want to know her intentions for joining the Mafia and sudden actions of now. As for the other characters, their sudden appearances make it hard to feel attachment at the moment. Which is why from this point the series needs to give even the smallest of coverage for it’s other characters.


Fairy Plot 

Biggest standout is this series intriguing, folklore inspired plot with cool ass fairies. Plots like this are a reason I love P.A Works, going outside their comfort zone and box like with mecha series Kuromukuro. The potential here for this series to be something good is setup already but the first execution from the first episode, hasn’t let the potential bloom yet. Fairy Gone is a series I want to be good but fearing it could flop, 24 episode run it has the chance to reform itself. The setting of the world I love, mirrors Sirius The Jaeger setting nearly. This is a world trying to reform itself after a bloody war and recorrect itself, Fairy Gone captures this grippingly.

Past four episodes a alluring plot has delivered small details within it’s developing plot, which have felt sporadic and overloading. What I have learnt from this series already is a lot and it’s only getting to get deeper. Fairy Gone going to have dig deep in the next few episodes to expand on it’s plot, what the ‘Black Tome Fairy’ has above all the other fairy tome texts?, The origins of Dorothea etc. The distractions of trying to focus on Free and Maryla backgrounds has disrupted central plot focus, I’m not even sure what that is right now. All we have is bits and pieces of interesting facts that need to be put together.

Bopping Music OST



A unquestionable positive about Fairy Gone is it’s music tracks, especially during the fight scenes. What you least expect to hear is a mix of fast paced urban rap, which adds such exhilaration while you’re watching the fairy battles. The music has taken the action factor up a notch and it’s god damn entertaining. Fairy Gone’s opening KNOCK on the CORE by (K)NoW_NAME made me suspect we would be treated to such a bop ass OST. The opening cannot stop listening too, a killer track that gives such edge to every new episode. The band itself Know Name, you’ll know for Sakura Quest ending and Grimgar Of Fantasy and Ash. Powerful punch the leading female vocalist gives out is so good mixing the main male vocalist rapping, makes such a sick time.


You can tell I feel my passionate about this series and I want it to do good. I feel better writing out the wants and already potential there. Just from the first episodes, I instantly knew this series would be kicked to the kerb. The high expectation of exceedingly interesting plot had become the great measure of Fairy Gone, this expectation I find to be a main factor to it’s mixed signals from fans. Doing this breakdown of how I feel about Fairy Gone has been good and maybe can become a thing, here on the blog.

How are you feeling about Fairy Gone currently? Leave ya’ll thoughts in those comment things below

Despite all I’ve written Fairy Gone still has my interest to see how things unfold. Trial and error is what it comes to in original series.

I’ll see you all next post !! 


4 thoughts on “Fairies Gone Bad

  1. I feel the same. It has an interesting premise, but I think the storytelling has been too clunky, jumping into flashbacks to reveal information rather than showing them dealing with it in the now.

    I will probably stick with it regardless now, so I hope that it does improve if only for my sake. There’s been occasional glimmers that it might turn around, so here’s hoping.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree here that the plot telling has been sporadic so I’m just praying that something will happen to turn it around. Because I do like this series a lot for it’s plot *fingers crossed* 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really need to get a move on this series, even though I’ve had pegged down XDD. Good to know you’re enjoying lita!!. Also, yeah wp reader had me down as not following you, so I had to re follow -__-.


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