Let’s Do This Mecha March Right !

Last year I participated in my very first Mecha March, it was fun. Since then have not been happy with what I covered and here we are once again. Let’s see if round two I can achieve more.

Mecha is taking over the Kino Corner in March!

Mecha is no secret on this blog being my second favourite anime genre next to romance. The two together make my soul feel true fulfilment every damn time. Honestly for this year I had no plans to do Mecha March but do the odd post. However mecha buddy Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews and among other mecha friends, are quite the enthusiastic bunch. Wondering if mecha talk was going to happen from me, Scott was the whole reason I even participated last year, he’s been my main influence. 

Regarding February mushy content didn’t happen much and me preaching such promises like that, made me feel bad. The spark wasn’t there this month for writing, mostly blame all the reading I’ve been doing and participating in, though it’s been so good.


But ya girl is talking the mecha.


What’s Happening This Mecha March?

A tendency I do a lot is make huge goals sometimes, that happens a lot in my blogging. Setting myself a mini goal I decided to choose 4 shows to watch and do a full post on each. These posts might not come out in March possibly beginning of April, depends but in the mean time. For each week in March on the Sunday, I’ll be doing a wrap up of my chosen shows where I am currently at and etc. Now for the main thing you will want to know and I know some do. What shows have I chosen?

Originally had intended to keep a surprise but it’s better to get you guys excited right?

I put up a poll on twitter letting my friends choose one of chosen shows and everyone chose fittingly. Mobile Suit G Gundam has been highly requested from many mecha lovers who adore this series to pieces. FINALLY those people you get your wish as I’ll be bingeing this long 50 episode series and I can tell. It’s going to be a whacky, crazy time, I’m ready!! 

Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 + 2202 first heard about curtsey of Scott. Soon as I read up the words “Space Opera”. Your girl was sold, last space opera was Macross Frontier for me, that’s been too long over half a decade. This series has been praised highly and it has all the elements in these stories, the trash I live for. There is a lot to digest with this series, having doing some read up, plus Studio Xebec made it more appealing to pick up this series. There work for Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory was glorious. This one I’m most hyped for if I’m being honest.

My list course had to have that I feel no-one has heard of much. Zega Pain has been on this list for long, long time. I watched a trailer for it ages ago and the story looked incredibly alluring and deep. Fun fact this is done by Sunrise, so lucky them for being two of my choices to watch for Mecha March. Can’t wait to see how this turns out and plus its 26 episodes because I already have two series with 50 + episodes.

I tried to find one short mecha series to add to the mix. Schwarzesmarken stumbled upon on Crunchyroll having a mixture of military and mecha, also set in germany setting. It sounded perfect plus only being twelve episodes. I’ve mentioned this series one or twice to people but no-one seems to have heard of this series. Can’t wait to dive into this like Zega Pain.



There you have it !! My four chosen Mecha’s for March, Knowing me I’ll be tweeting about my watches throughout March so follow me on there, if you wish to know advanced thoughts. Otherwise there will be a weekly recap every Sunday for the month, then I’ll fully do a post on each individually as I said before, may take sometime. As couple of these series require some research.


Ready For Mecha March?


Alongside my weekly recap posts each week. I’ll have one or two extra mecha related posts which might be a mix of lists and rambles. There are still some series I’d like to give a mention that I’ve been dying to like Aquarion for example.

That is it for my plans for this Mecha March. Ahh, hopefully I can stay on track  but if something comes out late you know real life has me in it’s clutches. It’s been sometime since watching a mecha series that craving will finally be satisfied.

Hope you enjoy this Mecha March from me and Scott also is doing it. Definitley go check out for what he has planned !!

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 


9 thoughts on “Let’s Do This Mecha March Right !

  1. I don’t know if it counts as an event because you and I are the only ones doing it. Maybe a sign up sheet or something would be something to do for next time, so maybe we can discuss that next year and spread all the knowledge around more?

    I’ve heard of, but haven’t watched Zegapain, so interested to see what it’s about and everything. It needs to find it’s way onto my watch list.

    Pretty exciting for this;


  2. Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is a great series. Never saw the original, but was impressed how good the remake was. Absolutely stunning to look at, and also never boring. You’re in for a good time with that one. Hope you enjoy that one!


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