Let’s Close The Gap This Manga Mail Weekly #3


Over a week and bit late but it’s February -_-. How is it already the second month of the year NOOO keep my summer going. Well good thing about February I’m planning to go on a mushy spree and this age gap romance was incredibly interesting.


Takane & Hana


Gorgeous covers


February means…. MUSHY STUFF!! I’ve never been one for themed months when starting out blogging. Slowly over time it’s become something I’ve enjoyed a great deal and as well for people who read this blog. Prepare yourselves then for the odd mushy post to come out during this month. There is every intention to talk as much romance manga as possible and my first read kicked off February with a bang. One weekend ago I took advantage from being in the city to pick up a new series to start. Takane & Hana I’ve been eyeing for the last month or so, luckily the book store had the first two volumes. 

Currently at the moment I have some romance manga on the go, but buying and starting a new romance was so exciting – been too long. Takane & Hana is interesting enough already how the series is handling an age gap relationship. This is the main merit that stuck out to me during volume one and it was easy to get hooked. Hana steps in for her sister Yukari after her sister refuses for a marriage interview, meeting bachelor Takane, CEO son of Hana’s fathers company he works for. Quickly things turn sour Takane displaying his childish, immature personality which left Hana unimpressed. To toy with Takane, Hana accepts the match between them. 

It’s been so long since reading a series with a age gap like Takane and Hana. Hana a typical 16 year old high schooler and Takane 26 year old son of a CEO leading company. That’s quite the conflicting age gap people might not be keen on, especially if things progress to ‘love’. To put any hesitation to rest if you were keen to try this manga, Takane & Hana has handled this innocent relationship between it’s protagonists fairly well so far.


Through the two volumes things have swayed into that ‘love territory’ but then somehow able to retract itself out of it cleverly. Takane and Hana both have this dynamic chemistry which works really well, with their boisterous, joker, playful personalities. These personalities keep things on the mild level right now not delving into anything else, when Takane and Hana clash it’s a hysterical time, adding such a fresh flare to the pairs growing relationship. The pair have stated already what kind of relationship do they actually have? To acknowledge this fact adds a level of appealing maturity to their obvious age gap relationship. No matter how much the pair will squabble, try get back at each other, neither will admit the comfort they find in each others company. 

How things are forming slowly between the pair is fairly innocent right now. I’m not sure if their relationship will remain this way throughout the next few volumes, delving into a ‘actual’ relationship some readers might be put off. But I can’t help be fascinated at how the author will tackle their obvious age gap. Yuki Shiwasu hasn’t wrote many works I’m still keen to check those out because her artwork blossoms in Takane & Hana. 

Takane and Hana right now both themselves don’t even know what there strange bond they have is? leaving confusion. At the same time it’s great to me they both acknowledge this fact between the pair. Makes you beyond intrigued of where things will end up in the next few volumes. Takane & Hana is handling the huge controversy of age gaps in relationships extremely well right now, it’s impressed me. I’ll definitely be continuing to pick up the rest of the volumes for my collection. I was laughing through the majority of the first two volumes, Takane and Hana’s constant bickering never lets up. Absolutely hysterical. 



Just a taste of the humour this series has to offer


If you’ve been looking for something challenging in a romance plot then Takane & Hana you should give a shot.

Read this? Leave a comment below what your first impressions of this series were. For next Manga Mail Weekly, it will be another mushy title and probably for the rest of February. haha oops.

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I’ll see you all next Manga Mail and next post !!! 


3 thoughts on “Let’s Close The Gap This Manga Mail Weekly #3

  1. Yess! This series brought me back to arrange marriage trope, and considerable age gap notwithstanding, they’re both hilariously cute with each other. I love iiiit. Their battle mode banter and also their sweet moments ☺️

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