THE FIRST Manga Mail Weekly #1

manga mail weekly

Wohoo! The first instalment of the Manga Mail Weekly is here. Where guarantees both a post once a week and Lita is talking about manga. So you get the best of two things I’ve been slacking on? This week I picked up a historical series I need more from.

I’m Lita !! Hi there !!

If you are new to my blog or have no idea who the fudge I am or this segment. I’m known as Lita Kino on the interwebs who does too many things. I have this blog, youtube, apart of Owls Bloggers and other stuff, all to talk about anime. I’m crazy for anime, daily dose of the stuff is required. As a way to solve my problem in lack of posts and manga coverage this segment was born. Where once a week I’ll be talking about what manga I’ve picked up and my thoughts on it. Some weeks it could be more than one, I could be covering an old or new manga series. You’ll just never know.

Yona Of The Dawn 


Lucky first pick goes to Yona Of The Dawn to start off 2019. Yona Of The Dawn is a series that left a big void in me when watching the anime in 2017, you can read more of my thoughts on the anime here. Yona Of The Dawn a series countless fans have been begging for a season two but Studio Pierrot still hasn’t given us what we ask for. I’d happily go in person and bang on their door demanding just like that Munto TV third movie I want from Kyoto Animation.

So in a dyer situation like this you’ll turn to the manga. In this case I was desperate to want to know what happens as from where season one leaves off. I gave in to starting to collecting this kick-ass historical, adventure series. Yona Of The Dawn centres on Princess Yona who lives a comfy life until witnessing her fathers murderer slain by her childhood crush Su-won. From there Yona and her bodyguard Hak are on the run to stay alive and Yona‘s hope to take back her kingdom. 

First page and treated to this gorgeous artwork

Upon opening the first page my jaw dropped already at the manga artwork, it’s absolutely gorgeous to look at. The intricate detail in every background and facial expression throughout the read just blew me away. This was already a massive plus to deciding to invest in collecting the manga, from there was sure I wouldn’t regret it. The first volume follows very closely to the first two episodes of the anime identically. But reading the first volume was whole other experience, I believe it’s like that either with watching or reading anime. Just because a series maybe sticking to the source material of it’s adaptation does not you’ll have the same experience. 

Mizuho Kusanagi artwork is something I truly appreciated throughout the first volume, it’s a shame she has not done many other works. Because I’d pick up any title from her now.


All the characters in Yona Of The Dawn are beyond loveable, the characters backstories are covered so well. That is something so important to me going into any story, give me heaps of backstory, we are good. In the first volume your treated already how Hak became Yona’s body guard and Su-won’s reason for betrayal. Volume one sets up the series plot direction brilliantly leaving you wanting more. Reading this first volume reminded me of the series hilarious character chemistry among the cast of characters. Especially between Hak and Yona, I don’t know what Yona ever saw in Su-won. I’m very glad he turned out to be the villain in this.

I fell in love with Yona and Hak’s characters all over again, how much I’m rooting for these two to get together. The dedication and desire Hak has to protect Yona makes my heart throb, the build up of years worth attachment to his princess dominates always. 

Her face… 😦

Past the point in this volume where Yona witnesses her fathers murderer. Yona’s facial expressions hit me big time, they are so sad to just look at. The artwork just captivates the shock and numbness Yona is feeling in that horrified moment, Yona becoming this lifeless doll. The anime made me feel the same and the manga makes it feel 10x times worse. When you reach the end of the volume your going to be wanting more, to watch this princess rise up and learn hardships, she’s never known. That is the addiction this series has over you and her journey is a memorable one.

Yona Of The Dawn is worth every bit to invest in for me personally, I NEED MORE OF THIS STORY. There are currently 15 volumes out so have some catching up to do slowly but cannot wait to continue this kick-ass historical, adventure anime.

Leave a kick-ass comment if I did my job to peek your interest guys? or if your collecting the manga has it been good so far?

For next week’s manga mail weekly I’ll be covering a boys love series, I’ll give you all a hint every week of some sort, some weeks I might be mean and not. Muahh!! Hope you enjoyed this edition of my new segment and look forward to manga-filled 2019!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!!! 


5 thoughts on “THE FIRST Manga Mail Weekly #1

  1. This is one of my favorite manga that is currently ongoing. It just keeps getting better and better! Not just because of DRAGONS (tad obsessed with em) but also because of the awesome characters and their growth throughout the series

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