Where I’m At Right Now? Update Time!


Update Time… *Hooray*


You guys love these updates. Though last one I ever did was my plans for January. Some things have changed since then felt as always to keep you in the loop.


This will not be a long drawn blog post. No more long update posts period. Haha no clue why in the past they have turned out so long?


Nearly half way through this year, June next week. My god. Amount of posts I’ve put out has been less but I’ve been happy with the depth of details. That I’ve been putting into my posts. I stopped ages ago thinking enough posts didn’t go out on a weekly basis. Those feelings only dragged my blogging enjoyment, those are tossed to the side now.

Looking back at my two main goals for my blogs as to bring more older anime and manga content. I’ve been diving into watching more unknown series for the time being, which can’t wait to write about. Mostly I’m happy with my manga progress just reading more, though somewhat has been shoujo. Oops, hehe. People know me for keeping things under wraps so I won’t be spoiling what I’ve planned to read or are reading. Regarding manga content, restarting my Before Shoujo Reads has been good allowing me a way of reading my favourite genre. Mainly to benefit shoujo lovers.

Very content with fulfilling my main goals so far, which I thought I’d flop out on. The rest of my goals slowly have been getting there. Doing posts on my other interests like dramas, marvel movies etc. I’ve decided in this area to stick with just dramas, marvel/comic related I’ll leave for podcast material.

Schedule –  My blog schedule is staying the same. I’ve been trying to have one extra post out besides my two mains ones. Sadly have not been meeting this over first half year. Trying to change that for second half, scheduling things more in advance. I’m just happy with a post gets out at all.

Second half of this year, I’ll be focusing on my blog way more than before. Other hobbies took over priority but I’ve dropped two other hobbies for now. To make time for my blog, it’s my baby.



My channel went on the decline this half year. Being honest the wanting to make videos just wasn’t there. There has been many times, just wanted to not bother doing youtube but finally last month. I find my footing again after real life was a huge distraction.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 9.28.37 pm

Special mention to Ross for this nomination and reading his sweet words, Thankyou. Just seeing or hearing words like this. Just pushes me to keep what I do, knowing I’m doing is right.

To stop my channel from falling into a dark hole. I came up with on-going content that reignited my passion for video making. Two new things, first I’ve added are end up month wrap-ups, talking about what anime I’ve watched. Secondly individual video on each series I own in my personal collection. Talking about why I love them and reasons for being in my collection. I’m going to have fun with the second one most, something for people who follow me on my channel. To look forward too.

The usual blog article related videos will still happen, those will happen slowly. So this where I’m sitting at with my channel. Still no schedule as the freedom suits me better, trying to be more active on my channel. It’s not easy running a youtube and blog you know.



Multi Task Me.

Past half year I’ve been juggling a lot with the things I do and I’m involved in. I’m still with owls that won’t change. Things that have been put on hold is Senshi Ani Girl Podcast and my solo own podcast. I do have a podcast planned to record in first week of June. Podcast is what I decided will happen when it does. I really enjoy podcasting but it’s all become too much to juggle all the things I love doing. This cut back won’t be forever, for now I need it.

*Evil Laughs*

Don’t worry though,
Many things are the works I have been a productive queen bee.
You know how I love to surprise you guys.

For now you’ll have to bare with me while I get it together with my blog and channel. I’m half way there planning how to balance the two. Now you guys are fully updated, and least this under 1000 words.

I don’t say this enough but for beloved continuous support from all my friends here. I see it every day on twitter or here. It always makes my day interacting with you guys, you’ll know never know how much it means to me. I try my best to read as many blog posts, I’m failing at that lately.

So thankyou muchly, and onward to this blog going above and beyond as I can make it!!

I’ll see you all in the next post!!


4 thoughts on “Where I’m At Right Now? Update Time!

  1. It is sometimes hard to juggle all the things you want to do and get all the things you have to do done. Best of luck as you try to find your groove again and I always look forward to your posts.

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