Scenes For Leaving Me In Feels Land #1

*Clarifying there will be spoilers in this post for anyone who has not seen the shows. Read at your own discretion.*

Anime knows how to leave you in a puddle of your own tears, feels, etc. Why am I even going to be discussing this knowing it might set me off.

Potentially this could be a series of posts as there are a 1374657595…. something anime scenes out there. But for a while now had been wanting to do a reflective piece, what a better way to express this than through scenes that wrench your heart out. I’ve seen lists for top saddest anime scenes, in no way this is not going to be that. Not all scenes that will be mentioned are sad, some are happy, reflective, kick ass ones. That have stuck with me for so long, good excuse through this churn out the feels.

Soo.. This is a excuse to pour all the feels of the following scenes.

Episode Seven – Gass’s Death (Munto Tv)

Sadly including a characters end but my first time watching Munto Tv which mentioning about being the shortest series I’ve seen. In short a span of time found myself connecting all the characters.. which thinking about it now is kind of crazy. One of those characters Gass was considered an outsider, he was known as the guardian of time. Not apart of the heavens many shunned him accept Munto, it was perhaps the reason he saved sacrificed himself for Munto.

At the time of watching it was just gob smacked me cutting off Gass’s character. His character had so much potential, very wise and unique ability of controlling time. In only six episodes he just touched me with how selfless he was, reminded me of Sailor Pluto a lot in that aspect. How the solitary of such a duty might drive you mad but Gass like Pluto took it themselves to fulfil their duty. I remember feeling gob smacked the enemy was about to engulf Munto but Gass looked was nearing his limit. The last few words he said Munto then just disappearing along with the enemy to god knows where. Yeh… tears came flowing after especially when Munto screams out in pain.

I’ve rewatched Munto tv so many times, it still has the same affect as the first time, doesn’t it always.

Episode 6 “Friends” (Kimi ni Todoke)

Kimi ni Todoke is my favourite romance anime to date, still need to do a post talking about it. That will be a pool of feels by itself, I resonated through Sawako’s character, her journey. Which why this series is an emotional watch for me, but in a good aspect, they’re are so many during this series, simply adore. The end of episode six has me sobbing every time Sawako is a misunderstood individual. People never wanting to come near her from her gloomy expression, getting referred for Sadako from the movie, the ring. Sawako built up this mentality that it should be normal for her to do things alone, yet she deeply craved the idea of friends.

Thanks to Kazekaya Sawako becomes equated with Chizuru and Yano. Rumors end up spreading around about Chizuru and Yano, rumoured Sawako started them. Chizuru and Yano over hear Sawako saying “They’re not my friends” before even listening to the rest, both of them are left confused. The more confused one is Sawako when they Chizuru and Yano stop talking to her. Remember feeling so anxious for Sawako, feeling like she might loose Chizuru and Yano. Everything was so new to Sawako, expressing her emotions became a stumble.

When Sawako is ganged up by the girls who started the rumors, my blood pressure lowered when Chizuru and Yano walk in. The following image before can’t show enough the emotional atmosphere in that episode. All of them pour out what they’re feeling in frustration, just become closer from onward. Worse thing to me to feel misunderstood which is how I relate to Sawako, this episode reminds me of positions find myself in.

*Breathes slowly* God how will I be when writing a editorial piece on this series…

Episode 26 Let’s Go Home (Fruits Basket)

Moving into a popular series which means a lot I know to so many. Fruits basket is a wonderful series exploring the theme of acceptance. Out of the twelve zodiac family members Kyo was the most unlucky, being the cat. Kyo only ever wanted to be apart of the Zodiac family, to feel a sense of belonging. If it were me I’d want to stay ten feet away, the constant rejection of how others seed Kyo, made him become bitter. Loosing hope that anyone would accept him for all he was.

Dearest, kind Tohru who was the remedy touching partial members of the Sohma family. A scene that myself cannot forget or others in the last episode, where Kyo stops feeling lost in his hopeless daze. It’s so tear jerking Tohru admitting being truly scared seeing his true form, this is the reason Kyo is the unluckiest. Took Tohru so much courage to admit the truth that to Kyo others had held back for so long. This is one scene just couldn’t stop crying first time seeing it, it’s one of those scenes that still affects me the same. But it’s such a beautiful, heart holy scene that does fill you with happiness.

Oh yeh.. still trying to finish fruits basket manga… working on that

Let’s finish with some “Too many feels talked about”

I have no clue if this post could become a series, it’s looking that way. But it would be good to have an excuse to go down memory lane, amuse you guys with how I was thinking, feeling the times. Hope you enjoyed this different post and comment below about any of the scenes mentioned? If you remember them? How did they make you feel?

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 


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