LitaKinoAnimeCorner Turns 2 ~!

Sassiest Blogger Ever.

This should have been written last month but personal on goings prevented me. On January 10th 2015 is when this blog was born and now it’s turning two years… WHERE DID THAT TIME GO?

Reached Over 400 FOLLOWERS!!

Holy Hot Cakes.. Two years. 
My brain is trying to grasp that blogging not one of the easier hobbies out there to keep going with and somehow I have. Before I go on celebrating two years I wanted to address that on in December I reach up to 300 followers and somehow halfway through January I reached over 400 o.o. I’m like many bloggers who never imagined they would get over 100, this is huge deal for me. I have to keep THANKING you guys every time, eternally strives me gives me more motivation to blog and fills me with excitement. All I’ve ever wanted since starting this blog is to share my anime obsession, meet fellow anime lovers and have people enjoy what I put out. Every like, comment, follow adds to my motivation honestly so Thankyou fellow friends and followers, I’ll keep saying this over and over.


So how am I going to celebrate my two years anniversary?

I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to do, something beneficial and encouraging for fellow bloggers I have come know and have become my friends.


Relating back to what I was saying blogging is not the easiest of hobbies sometimes for people. Many bloggers who I’ve come to know their sole purpose for their blogs is an outlet to share their thoughts, a place to let their creative mind be exposed to the internet. Every blogger along the way might loose their drive, motivation to continue blogging having such thoughts:

“Noone comments on my blog”
“What’s the point in doing this”
“Noone reads my posts”
“Why should I have to make effort looking at others blogs”
“There blog is better than mine”
“I don’t know what to post about next”

Has any of the following thoughts crossed your mind, if you are a blogger yourself? I am not excluded from this, all of these thoughts crossed me when I first started out blogging. I felt like clicking that delete button over and over, I thought the blogging community is not as huge as it use to be. This is the pit bloggers fall into, then motivation loss follows this. People have asked me in the past how have I kept going with this hobby, my blog?

By making a little effort

Effort made all the difference from where my blog first started out, I commented, liked, through others posts, putting yourself out there is key in blogging. You won’t be the only  blogger who isn’t feeling motivated, They’ll be feeling the same frustrating thoughts as you. So don’t feel like you are the only one, After when I started my blog up around the six month mark, I decided enough was enough. Sooner or later blogging was going to begin to feel like a chore, that’s what you don’t want. Putting myself out there, commenting on other’s posts, liking them, starting a conversation. It does the make the difference, it’s the way you connect with people and others become interested in your blog. Don’t be afraid to make a little effort. If your not a person that is not like that, then try little by little.

Surround yourself with positivity

One important lesson I learned through blogging, same goes for when I do youtube is surround yourself with all the positivity in the world. I’ve blocked, deleted comments that have been insulting in the past, I ask you not to hesitate to do that. Don’t think in the back of your mind of you losing a follower to your blog, there’s just one person you will gain more. You’ll make some treasured friendships within this blogging community whatever it is you blog about. Every anime fan or blogger I’ve met on here I have always considered a friend, I would go as far to say they are better than real life friends at times. Show them the same appreciation if they regularly check out your content, make sure you do the same. Since my blog has grown I try my utmost best to keep with fellow friends blogs, I could never not to do that. Your showing them respect and they’ll feel the same, I could not name all the people I have befriended on here but they’re all bloody amazing.


The most important thing I ever learned from all blogging, all the hobbies I do. Don’t let one shred of negativity in, you have to believe in your content your putting out. “I’ve heard all this before” some of you may be thinking this right now, easier said than done. I’ve always struggled from a personal perspective to believe in anything I do, it been a slow process for me. Only in the last year I have come to believe in my content I am putting out, it’s true and honest. I’ve questioned so many times if my content is good enough, because I know there better bloggers out there than me. There are people that are better at analysing anime, writing reviews etc, Am I jealous? of course. I hate at this point writing this admitting that, takes a lot to admit anything like that.

That jealously I’ve let it become apart of my blogging driving force, it only strives me always to want to make my blog grow so much more. Let those feelings of knowing there are others better than you, be your motivation not your negative. At this point you may think I am going over sentimental here and I honestly don’t care if I am. That’s how I am fully and have always been on this blog from day one, I came to a point of stop denying myself. In every post I have ever written, I’ve put that personal me in every time, worse thing to do is to sound fake. Try act something your not in your posts, high and mighty it only builds up a guilty lie on you, that weighs you down. Just be the you in every post you do, I understand people would be afraid to be honest as the internet can be a cruel place. I have been afraid and still get feel like that sometimes you know what:

Those who say your being too honest saying you didn’t like a series they liked stuff you, Those who question your tastes, they are insignificant. Dam those who want to shun your opinion and can’t be civil stuff you. I’ll be damned now if I let the internet do that to me. I’ve chose my times wisely to say something and when not too, but don’t put up with negativity on your blog. I know most I have come to know don’t. so serious Lita…



Best blog mascot pick ever!!!

 I’ll tell you guys something I actually chose Sailor Jupiter as my mascot of my blog for a reason. She is someone I wish I could be in real life, she’s strong willed, confident and not afraid, all these things I lack sometimes. We are both similar in the trait of stubbornness, having her as my persona or representation, gives me motivation itself. I didn’t choose her as my mascot because she is my favourite character but of what she represents to me.


I do hope any of things I have spoke about inspire you blogger friends, readers, that let blogging bring you joy and just make sure to have fun with it. That is what is most important, I wanted to pass on something to you guys from my experience and time of blogging. My blog has become my baby now, I’ve never felt more devoted to it now than ever of wanting to create more posts. 

Lita’s Blogging Ways And Tips

Please check out the link above if you need any additional blogging tips. I wrote this a year ago but my points I address I use even now. Fellow people I do hope you enjoyed this post for what it was, my weird choosing of how to celebrate two years. I can’t think anymore of what I wanted to say, from here I only push forward with the changes I have put forward for this year. Keep blogging on my friends !!!


Cheers to another YEAR !!!

I’ll see you guys in the next post as always !!



38 thoughts on “LitaKinoAnimeCorner Turns 2 ~!

  1. Congratulations Lita!!! I am so proud of you, you are a fantastic blogger and I am so glad I was able to meet you through this crazy thing called blogging!

    You are definitely not alone, we all feel that way about our blogs from time to time, but I am always blown away by your tenacity and energy! Lita, you are an inspiration! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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