Forcing Myself To Watch Bad Anime

I really enjoyed reading this and is something all us anime fans can relate too 🙂


I, like a lot of other people who watch anime, watch anime to have a good time and to enjoy myself… or at least I thought I did. Recently, I’ve been watching some shows that I don’t particularly enjoy all the way to the end. I can’t entirely justify why I do it. For variety maybe?

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2 thoughts on “Forcing Myself To Watch Bad Anime

  1. I agree with her. In fact, though I don’t have that 3 episode rule, I can right away tell if the anime ‘s to my liking by the second episode. I have so many unfinished animes in my list that I have no intention of ever watching again.


  2. I feel you .. but sometimes, bad anime turns to be a good anime after thinking over and over about it.. arguing with myself and stuff .. also, sometimes i think we are running out of good anime here .. some seasons aren’t released yet and some “who-knows-if-there-will-be-another-season” ..

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