The Is Not Is Too “Best Anime Ever” Debate

Tv shows, movies and anime, doesn’t matter for either on the internet or among people. The “Best Of The Best” is one of the most highly talked about discussion ever, in my opinion.

ahh this looks civilized

In the anime community BIG TIME “best anime ever” is highly discussed among anime fans.

Lita, why are you discussing this particular topic?

Because personally to me is one of the most annoying things to discuss within the anime community. I never like getting into discussions over this topic, because out their truthfully in the community there are people, who you can never reason with.

New Anime Watchers

Within the anime community I have found new people to watching anime, are caught up in this discussion. New fans to anime may have only seen say five, let’s then say Attack On Titan is in this list. Just to clarify Attack On Titan I have seen used so many times in this discussion, of course the hype it gets. This new anime fan get’s into a discussion with another fan (who may be a avid watcher of anime) telling them they think Attack On Titan is the best anime ever. Usually this either goes two ways 1. the other respects what their saying or 2. they turn into an asshole/elite on them. From a personal point of few it’s usually number two which is just such a “Stab you in the feels” move.

I know for a fact that everyone in the anime community is not like that. But the majority of what I have witnessed have been asshole number two, which is not cool.

“Attack on Titan, you serious that’s a load of crap” 
“You don’t know what your talking about, you’ve barely seen any anime” 
“God newbies”

Have you ever been thrown these kind of comments? I personally can vouch for this back in my early days of first watching anime. But never was I the number two option of disrespecting someone else’s opinion. Saying those kind of things to new anime watchers, makes the anime community looks so good right? Well wrong. it’s not their fault new fans may say things like that, they are excited, their curiosity be wilds them. There is no reason to shoot people down with comments like that, but there are people that will, and yes it’s an ever ending cycle. I feel new fans are prime targets in this kind of discussion and they themselves get sucked into heated arguments.

“Best” Your Own Opinion!!!

I feel I shouldn’t even have to address this but you know what, guess it’s not clear to others in this day and age. This mainly goes out to the assholes of option two who wish to downgrade new fans to anime. Just because you think whatever anime is the best anime ever DOES NOT MEAN IT IS !!! all comes down to one factor among all: Personal Opinion.

That’s right just your own view, opinion on it. I don’t see written in stone anywhere of the of the best anime out there you seen it? You are free to say your opinion, noone should ignore that or shun it but when you rub that into people’s faces in a smug way. Is where the line is crossed. I hate this more than anything, frankly never have stood for it, even though how much I avoid this discussion. There have been times where I will not stay silent and if that asshole wishes to continue I’ll let them do so alone, in their own negative dark pit.

Respect Others/Don’t Be An Ass

Respect: a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way.

That meaning should be simplified enough so simple, yet seems such a difficult thing to do. “If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all” quoted by a bunny rabbit, Thankyou Thumper. Don’t be an ass within this type of discussion because really it reflects badly on the anime community and yourself really. and if you don’t want to be civilized then leave the conversation and take your mean opinions with you.

“Best anime ever” discussion is talked through more than anything else social media basically I’m saying it can be the cowards way for the trolls. Oh the internet how we can love and hate at the same time. 

Ignore Those Who Are Not Worth Your Time

Not everyone I know would ever fight back, because they either are afraid or would rather not get involved in pointless debates. Which I can highly understand from a personal point  of view, so don’t ever feel bad for ignoring those trolls and their negative opinions. Trust me silence hurts more than anything.

If you feel you can’t have a civilized conversation with so and so then silent treatment it is. Because sometimes fighting back to these kind of people can make their ego’s even bigger. But doesn’t mean you can’t fight back that is totally up to you my friends. If you do choose to debate just be prepared you are adding fuel to the fire.

I could have not written any of this lol


Don’t worry all of this expressing I still love the anime community but this is a topic I’ve wanted to write about for ages now. “Best anime ever” discussion if you think it starts to get heated or someone want to be an ass, can either ignore it or express your opinion. Typically a lot of the anime’s said to be the best anime’s are a lot of main stream shows, Naruto, bleach, and so on. Personally don’t agree with any of that, they just happen to be particularly popular series, that fandom’s for it have grown over the years. Again all comes down to personal opinion.

I do wish more people in the anime community could be more civilized on this topic, but at lass not always going to be the case. Doesn’t mean you have to put up with crap and left feeling disrespected, those who dare can have a cream pie in their face for all I care.

Everyone has their own precious favorite anime they think is the best don’t be an ass and trample over that. 

I’ve said my part on this but
Please comment below your thoughts on this particular topic

I’ll see you all in the next post !!! 


Cream Pie is my choice of punishment…..











27 thoughts on “The Is Not Is Too “Best Anime Ever” Debate

    1. well not sure if I’ll get backlash but I don’t care never seen any discussion post about it. I don’t really know what made me randomly decide to do this in honesty

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      1. if it happens it happens lol I write a lot of my posts now for all the wordpress people like you because so many Ive discovered love what I post and just drives me 🙂

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      2. I have noticed that on twitter what you watching right now? In honesty it is hard to squeeze my blog, unime tv and youtube sometimes but youtube Ive spaced out more now so things are a little easier.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I still need to see it lol long time ago saw the first two episodes and was interested so hope to go and pick it up soon XD

        You’d be surprise I’ve met a few fans who adore this show ^^

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  1. Omg I see this way too often and sometimes it makes me wish I hadn’t watched said antagonized show. Now, if only every damn fanboy and girl out there could read this, that’d be great, mhmm. Nice job cleanin’ shop, Lita!
    Btw, ‘is too.’

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have always found such debates rather pointless haha. If I see this as a topic I automatically skip it because everybody could argue about it till the cows come home and there’ll still not be any conclusion to it. LOL.

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