Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Magnitude Anime Reviews

litas blogger friday

Pretty much has been me for the past 3 weeks.. haha


I know it’s been nearly a week since my last post I wrote up, which I wanted to say thank you for all reading. and…. over the last three weeks I have been just up and down mood wise, which explains my lack of posts. But here to tell you I am doing better now and will be able to resume usual blogging. With saying that has been forever since we had a feature Friday hey….Yeh I know I have been slack over the last three weeks. But I didn’t want to blog when feeling like crap, sure many can relate but better late than never, as I bring you a much belated FEATURE FRIDAY !!! 

Got some features lined up for you all to follow, check out and without further or do we should just CRACK ON !!! 

Blogger Feature:

Magnitude Anime Reviews


Were going to call the blogger behind this amazing reviewing blog “Mag”. I seem to give all of my blogger friends nicknames but it’s what I like calling them. Mag entered the blogging scene only this year in January, again came across is randomly. To my surprise Mag told me I was the first blog they first followed and came to me for advice on one of their reviews. I felt honored as noone had asked me that before but I’ll be honest I am inspired from how they write their reviews.  I love reading Mag’s spoiler, free anime reviews, they give me some advice to myself of how I can improve, on my reviews. Bet you didn’t know that Mag, Every Saturday they do a new review which is great consistence, for weekly updating.

Mag is great to have a chat with, we have spoken several times now, very much I enjoy our conversations, plus they are quite humorous. I can tell they will do well here on wordpress and have already befriended quite a few blogger friends. They way they write their reviews is fun, easy to read and full of heart, perfect for any anime to easily read. It would be greatly appreciated if you could head on over and check out Magnitude Anime Reviews. Let’s show them the blogging spirit is still here and tell them I sent you over !!!!

Mag will leave you quaking ahaha bad joke lol

Posts Feature:

blogging tips

I’ve read a fair few posts this week because I HAD TIME and felt like featuring some so the first one up is a post from Mangataku-Kun . Addressing certain things all us bloggers I thought need to hear, in a humorous way Mangataku goes through all excuses sometimes, us bloggers use when it comes to blogging. Lita is no exception to any of the reasons mentioned so I recommend going to read BLOGGERS it does feel refreshing after reading. 

Click here to read 


Second post up which was a very insightful, interesting read is by GoBoiano who are another site writing a lot anime, manga, cosplay etc articles.  There are lot of numbers in this post but they are all guest estimates, they address the issue of how much it can cost the anime industry to illegally stream anime. This is something I think nearly everyone does including me, well I do buy my anime but on the odd occasion. If I really want to watch a series Kissanime it is whoops naughty we all are. The article does open your eyes so highly recommend checking out this post !!! 🙂 

Click here to read Article 

Video Of The Week:

Not sure if many know but a long time manga called “The Ancient Magnus Bride”  was announced a while ago to be made into a three episode OAD project. I’m assuming it will be a OVA sort of thing but this week I watched the newly released PV trailer for it. OH MY GOD, the animation and the whole thing just blew me away, it looks so good with so much potential. I know this isn’t the usual feature I do but for those who have not seen it WATCH IT NOW !!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this FRIDAY FEATURE please go check everyone out from this post 😀
Comment below for any thoughts you have or anyone else I should be checking out 🙂

I’ll see you all in a fornight for another feature friday 🙂
See you in the next post!!



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