Lita’s Feature Blogger Friday: Otaku Gamer Zone

litas blogger friday

This has been me all week a little lol



Greetings All ^-^

Better late than never everyone, as they say and I knew this week I would be late with the feature and first part of One year special post but we are here now means I can relax a bit. Been very anti-social this week tried to focus on updating the blog and my long forgotten  Youtube but all done with that. Hope you all have a been having a good week bloggers and we all know what you are here….


What do I have in store for you this week well firstly I have a amazing anime blogger that you should all go support and check out 

This week’s spotlight + features goes to a blogger who is very supportive of others and will shine brightly: 

Otaku Gamer Zone 

otaku gamer zone

I thought it was about time to feature this beauty of blogger. Otaku Gamer Zone is run by the amazing Kausus What does their sight have to offer? Oh my well there is something indeed for everyone they do seasonal anime reviews, anime and manga related topics, discuss games, top lists and much more. Kausus works so hard for their blog putting up brilliant content and enjoyable to read, one of my favorite bloggers to read they really want to make their blog as big as they can. I believe they can do it with them signing up to patron they will open doors, Kausus wants their site to all welcoming to all anime fans and express their love of just anime in general. I love something new Kausus has just started on their blog a website feature similar to what I do, which is so great to see and shows me how supportive they are of others. Kausus is swell person to chat with and hard worker for their blog so they deserve all the recognition from me and others. 

Please go check out their site and tell them a strange person Lita sent you !!!!

Post Of The Week 

This week’s post of the week goes to Fujinsei post about 15 Often Overlooked Sports Anime I know how much Arria loves her sport, this post just striked out at me. Arria is always so good at recommending shows and this post about overlooked sports anime was a great recommendation. AN ANIME ABOUT ICES SKATING !! I wouldn’t have known that or any of the other titles, my sport anime watching is lacking but Arria has given me more drive to pick a series to start off with. So well done Arria !!! 🙂

Video Of The Week

Haha I mentioned in the last feature I would be adding things this is one of them. Many know or many don’t know I run a youtube channel and follow so many anime youtubers, watch a bunch of AMV’s and whatever else anime related. It gave me the idea to include a video of the week and the first one ever goes to a chat between two youtubers I follow Brago and Simply Rose. It was really interesting listening to them both and I love these kind of videos to listen to, gave me a chance to find out more about their anime tastes so go check out their channels and check out the video !!


Ahhh I feel so happy with my feature Fridays now 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed this blogger feature please go check everyone out 😀
Comment below for any thoughts you have or anyone else I should be checking out 🙂

I’ll see you all next friday for another feature friday 🙂
See you in the next post!!


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