LitaKinoLife: Changes !!!!

Aw couldn’t resit using this picture 
Inuyasha is the bomb muahhh !! 

Merry Christmas Fellow Readers !! 😀 

 Lita is just getting in the spirit as only our tree has gone up this evening, better late than never wehee !! I just wanted to take this time to give you some updates to do with my blog as lately I have had a rethink about my whole blog. I’ve made changes twice this year already for it but this time around it’s more important to incorporate blogging in my life as Youtube lately has taken over most of my thinking.

Before I get onto the changes as of Next Thursday I will be going on my Christmas Holidays early which I have been excited about so I won’t be updating on here for a week or so. Cramped in there is my Birthday on Christmas week so all crazy busy like for anyone this year, I also feel I need some time to myself, catch up on anime’s I have bought months ago and not watched yet. I won’t be uploading anything on Youtube either but feel free to follow me on Twitter for my anime antics. More blog content ideas I’ve had floating my head including for Youtube I keep forgetting to write down so I intend to use the time wisely, I should be back after 2nd January or before.

You’ll come back right?

hehe of course I will be back with a burning blog drive currently I am feeling as flat as a pancake onto the important things with my blog firstly I won’t be doing Seasonal anime stuff like I did before for a while, too hard for me to keep up with especially with my limited internet usage. It always affects when I do Youtube only able to make a video once a week but it is what is when you still live with family. So no more Seasonal anime stuff for now 

My segment “SundaysWithLita” I am stopping also because I am failing at keeping up with that even when I brought it down to every two weeks. Instead better not for me to have a schedule accept for my Feature Friday’s which are still going to be around which will post pone till the new year. Any kind of review will be anytime of the week but on my Twitter I will always from now on say when I am working on a new one. If you don’t have twitter you will be able to see it in my twitter fed on my blog.

Content that will occur more often from now on is First impressions to any new anime I watch, if I watch the first three episodes I’ll write a first impressions. More collaborations with other anime bloggers, currently one is pending right now but all will be revealed soon enough. LitaKinoLife segment will occur more as I would like to do some more personal posts on what new anime or manga etc I got, which I know people have loved seeing.

This year I took on too much for my blog now with these changes set in motion for 2016, things will be more relaxed, posts will be random throughout the week. I am happy with what I have changed and this will benefit me mostly not you guys because I know most of you stalk my blog all the time….go on admit it !!! 


I did notice recently that over 600 people are subscribed to my listings and I was like HOLY MOLY !!! I guess I must be doing something right, no idea lol 

I kept forgetting to post this but here is the latest haul from a positively mad sale !!! So go ahead and watch this if you wish too 🙂

Anyway I think I have rambled on enough about all these changes. Not sure how many posts I can get up before next Thursday but I’ll whip out something probably a first impression and special Christmas post. Thanks for reading my ramble 😀

Lita is going nowhere my dears !!! 😀 


I’ll see you all in the next post 😀


11 thoughts on “LitaKinoLife: Changes !!!!

  1. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MAH BUDDY LITA!! And merry Christmas down there 🙂 I look forward to your next post. In the meantime, you better start working through that huge haul and watch stuff 😉 I, too, have so many things I just wanna sit and marathon. I love your YouTube! Keep up the lively work and happy holidays from this tiny cafe corner ~!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww thanks Taku 🙂 Yes I need to watch stuff haha lol just not being here for nearly two weeks I’ll miss it but at the same time too busy 🙂 I’m glad you like my youtube !! Hope your doing well 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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