Anime News Lita Is Excited For


Hello everyone Looney Lita here !!

We all love that feeling that makes us get psyched about new anime announcements Am I wrong? You cannot deny we have all been like Mr Kitty up here ↑

I bring you a very interesting post to start off a new week, I have been wanting to do this post for ages, ages, ages, ages etc but never got around to it and finally I have time I wanted to talk about some anime news, announcements that I have found out about recently or known about over the last few months. Who knows you guys might get excited about any of the following things I will mention and we can be excited together?

Alright the first of news I am excited for is back in August Siren Visual announced they were releasing Nagi no Asukara/A Lull in the sea Part 1 out on DVD. I may have squealed when I saw it announced over twitter it makes me thankful I got twitter now. This anime has been on my watch list for so long and to have it coming out on DVD in Australia (which by the way is I am from) is something to be so excited for. My interest was peaked more into this anime after my blogger friend Takuto’s Anime Cafe were talking about it a lot, I know they have been watching it currently which makes me wonder why am I not?…..Because I am watching and reading too many other things currently.

Link to article

So are you going to get this Lita?


Second piece of news Lita is excited for you probably can tell from the picture already. The wait for any lover of this show would have been felt across everywhere but on 31st August Madman announced Sailor Moon is coming to DVD, Part one is due to come out in December but this one is not going to be based on the old dub it will be the very new dub >.>. I have watched some clips from the new dub and they haven’t really impressed me a lot:

Bun Head?
Purple Pleated Pants?
Just no…… are trying to ruin the Sailor moon we all know and love >.<

I just have a lot of mixed feelings about the new release of this I already own the original dub and will always be my favorite but I am not sure I could accept this new dub. I am still kind of excited for the release but at the same time debating where I will actually buy it, when the time comes I will decide for now it’s going to be sitting on the fence, probably I’ll still a post about this too just to vent my frustrations. I would love it if anyone else wanted to comment down below how they felt about the new Sailor Moon Dub and your thoughts 😀

Link to article

Moving on: 

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions

Third piece of news Lita is excited for is a part of my child hood I get to relive, oh my god when I heard there was going to be a new Yugioh movie coming in 2016 my head pretty much flipped. The trailer doesn’t give away a lot but the best thing about this movie is all the original voices will be used for the Dub version of this movie which would make any anime fan hearing that, want sob till their eyes are blood shot. Yugioh was my second crush as a kid and back then I really wanted to play the card game but like as usual I had what you call no friends and just binged watched the whole series to myself, talking about this now is making me want to rewatch it all. I have never seen all of the Yugioh series and desperately wish to before I die is something I vowed as a Yugi love struck fan would, I’m really happy about this announcement and can’t wait to see good old duel action get on !!! 

This is how i currently feel about everything wehee so this is why Lita is Looney 

I hope to more posts like this for any new anime stuff as new changes to blog I wanted to do posts like this well now I am, I will be addressing the whole Sailor Moon dub issue I have in a other post this week as writing about it sparked the idea I love it when that happens, Tomorrow there won’t be a post as I am going out for some relaxation time but where I am going I will do a life post about probably as there will be anime related things there 🙂

Comment below if your excited about any of the things I have mentioned and we have a discussion in the comment sections 😀

I’ll see you in the next post! 😀

11 thoughts on “Anime News Lita Is Excited For

  1. Nagi-Asu was fantastic. Scratch that, remarkable! I’m currently writing my review of it, and I’m glad you were piqued enough by my rambling to check it out 😉 I’m sure you’ll enjoy the heck out of it! As for Sailor Moon, I kinda want to pick up the sets simply because it’s all of the episodes on bluray, but that dub raises an eyebrow. I’ll wait to see what you think about it :>
    And oh my, a new Yu-Gi-Oh movie?! I suddenly feel the urge to dig out my deck of cards. IT’S TIME TO DUEL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha well the show has been highly spoken of I may watch the first episode this weekend and do my first impressions on it as something different to blog about 🙂

      Yes the dub has raised an eyebrow with me a lot but at the same time I really want to get all the sailor moon on Bluray 🙂

      haha I am surprised of how many people had no idea >//<

      Liked by 1 person

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