Lita Has The Feels Over: Charlotte Episode 6


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To a new segment for my blog I talked about it my blog changes post where from to time to time I would be talking about anything that has just made me go AHHH or have major feels over. Anime gives us all the feels and their are just those moments in certain episodes that we just want to express to the world how it made us feel, In this first anime and moments post I will be talking Charlotte episode 6 when I finally caught up on this summer anime.

*Read At Own Risk*
I warned you.

Ayumi so adorable but so overexcited when she saw her idol Yusa ❤

Charlotte is a shiner for me in this summer season currently and finally was able to catch up with it, I thought through this  whole anime we would just get the student council constantly going after special individuals who use their supernautral powers for personal gain or who can’t control it. This episode…..was just a shocker I think for a lot of people it was from watching so many YouTube videos about people ranting about this episode.

It’s a huge game changer now as Ayumi having a dangerous supernautral power “Collapse” I never thought that sounded good right from when it was mentioned. Personally I loved the idea of this of a power like that but WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE AYUMI WHO GET’S IT !!!!

OH Yuuuuuu!!! *cries*

This episode was going splendidly then something you never expected, even though it left me in shock I DON’T WANT AYUMI TO DIE!!!. This was a great twist to this series and has made me so much more interested even while I was screaming at the laptop screen >.<, it was all a WTF? kind of moment. I haven’t seen an interesting twist like this in a anime in a very long time so it was refreshing. I am just hoping Ayumi is not, but it makes me wonder also there was one girl with short hair who was looking for Ayumi. Is she rooting for the crazy scientist lot or the supernautral kids all shall be revealed next episode?

Comment below were you shocked by this episode?
Are you enjoying the anime Charlotte?

From now on there will be more posts like that so look forward to Lita expressing herself more 😀

I’ll see you in the next post !! 

7 thoughts on “Lita Has The Feels Over: Charlotte Episode 6

  1. Charlotte had a little dip in quality (the baseball episode really didn’t accomplish much), but the growing sense of repetition with the structure and content of the show made this ‘collapse’ really hit you. Both Yuu’s world and what we’re used to in the show have crumbled into ruin – all that remains is to tear away the rubble to find what horrible foundation lies underneath…

    I’m sure a lot of people saw the imouto as an instant death flag, but I didn’t think she’d take a whole building with her. xD

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    1. Yes I agree there was a dip in charlotte with the reptitiveness of what has happened in previous episodes I was beginning to get tired of it a little the comedy flow made it barer able but when this happened I felt like I had been awoken 🙂

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  2. I had the same feeling actually! Like, things were going pretty slow imo, the 5th episode wasn’t really necessary and felt like a filler to me… I was getting a bit bored but wow did that ep spiced things up! My reaction at the end was like “IT CAN’T STOP HERE!”. Definitely want to see more!

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  3. This episode, and especially 7, really hurt me. Have you seen 7 yet? I managed to hold it together during this episode but it’s the next one that broke me. It took the normal loss idea to a whole new, amazing level.

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    1. I have seen episode 7 it nearly gut wrenched me I am behind in charlotte now though I intend to catch up this week some time but I don’t care what anyone said’s about the anime Charlotte it’s freaking awesome 🙂

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