The Summer Season Tunes That Have Me In A Spin ~


Time to talk tunes this weekend 🙂
I hope everyone is having a great weekend I worked the whole time oh it’s that always a joy >.> I may have mentioned a few posts ago many new kinds of thing would be coming to my blog because you never know and this post is the first of many.

This Summer season has been flying high and with it for me has got some of the most addictive anime tunes I have become recently obsessed with and I listen to them day in day out. I wanted to share with you all which ones have got me in a spin. 🙂

Charlotte Opening Theme
“Bravely You By Lia” 

Dam this song and opening just goes like peanut butter and jelly ew I hate peanut butter….>.< I was in love when I heard the first few seconds of this song as I recognized the japanese singer which was Lia. She did the beautiful opening/ending themes for Clannad after story and Air Tv, Her voice has always been so memorizing to me but I was entranced with this song she did. It just has these beautiful slow moments then goes up fast beat which I absolutely adored this is by far my favorite song by Lia. This song is perfect with the opening to Charlotte I can’t stress that enough along with that sensational animation,

You Godly P.A Works !!!

Junjo Romantica Season 3 
“Innocent Graffiti By Fo’xtails”

Took me forever to find out who sang this song and oh god I feel about to faint when I heard the lead male’s voice it’s just beautiful. The song just makes me feel happy when I listen to it and next minute can have me dancing knowing where I am dancing I don’t really care,  It’s a fun upbeat song so go take a listen !!!!

Aquarion Logos
“Darlin By May’n” 

Why do I like this song?……>.<
I kept asking myself that question because when I started watching this series I hate the opening theme but slowly it’s made it way into my obsessive favorites. One of the main reasons it made it that far was because Jpop star May’n sings this song. I have loved May’n for years for all her songs she has done for a fair few anime’s most she would be known for is the openings for Okami Sama and her seven companions and Macross Frontier. She has got some pipes on her anytime I hear her voice I am all hers, I love this song to bits now and is fun to listen to one of the very different songs to an opening theme for this summer season.

Monster Musume
“Hey Smith By Ms. Smith, Manako, Tionishia, Zombina, and Doppel”


This song was not what I expected for the opening theme to Monster Musume, the opening theme is very cutesy and thought yep cutesy ending…..WRONG!! The first few seconds are hardcore guitar….then a screaming female I was like what the hell?….after that I was hooked it has got such a great feel the whole song and I freaking love it. What makes me love this song so much more is all the female voice actressess who play the main five females in this anime are actually the ones singing this song…. o.o


“Gate By Kishisa Kyoudan & Akeboshi Rockets”

Full Version

This is my second favorite song to be addicted to this summer season, the song just goes so perfectly with the opening theme. It’s the start of the song that gets me up and moving, the band to this song I had never even heard of them but after listening to some of their songs they are alright to listen to I like them. They have only done two other anime opening themes to the anime’s Strike The Blood and High School Of The Dead, Kishisa Kyoudan & Akeboshi Rockets you guys are alright 😀 I do like the leader female singers voice she has a nice soft tone to it so as you can see Lita is completely smitten as a kitten with this song ❤


But….First of all favorites for this season’s song I am truly in love with….

“Renegade By Stereo Dive Foundation”

Full Version

Best song and opening theme for this Summer season with how much hype this anime has gotten so far, everything meshes together like they were meant for each other. I don’t know what it is about this song for me but it is so different from any anime song I’ve heard in a long time, there are so many different sounds going on. To me this song sounds a little vocaloid at times but with a mix of trance and electro, it all works together my friends. I am completely obsessed with this song over the last week, I do my work out to this song on repeat, I drive everywhere with this on repeat…..I may have a problem but this is normal for me when I become obsessed with a new song. This song just takes me away somewhere relaxing and not to have to think about much bliss really ❤  If you have not heard this song yet then go click that play button NOW!! 
You won’t regret it !!!

There you have it my pretties these are the songs that have sent me in a spin recently from this Summer season I had fun doing this post as I was actually inspired by Unotaku as she always does posts like this definitely go check her out !!

Comment below what anime songs have sent you in an spin?
Lita would love to know 😀 ❤

I hope you guys enjoyed this different posts there will be many more of these to come I’m excited 😀

I’ll see you in the next post !!

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