Waiting In The Summer Anime Review

waiting in the summer

Anime: Waiting In The Summer/Ano Natsu de Matteru
Published: January 10, 2012March 27, 2012
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi , Slice Of Life
Episodes: 12

“I’ll love you forever Ichika Senpai always”

So it’s always nice to have a change of pace when watching anime, I bought this anime about a couple of weeks ago but never got a chance to fully watch it till now. I had been wanting to watch this anime for two years now haha it’s amazing when you actually get around to watching things on your ever so long ass anime list. Lita reviews the aliened – love triangled Waiting In The Summer.


It’s summer time people!!!  and we have a group of friends Kaito, Ichika, Kanna, Mio, Tetsuro and Remon who decide during their summer break to create a film and along the way dealing with conflicting relationships and love triangles swelling among the group. One twist in this plot is our main female Protagonist Ichika is an alien !!


I thought the animation in waiting in the summer was really unique and had a bold outlook to it, especially all the landscape scenes the were really pretty. The characters expressions and emotions really stood out a lot in the anime, were very clear and visual. I wasn’t a fan of the opening theme song it just never clicked with me but although I did fall in love with the ending theme, its a beautiful tune.

My Thoughts

Waiting in the summer I found was very in depth with the themes of love triangles and romance, which I usually love with any anime that has romance in it. Every episode you weren’t left bored when it came to the group and their relationships something new was always happening which I didn’t mind. Emotions really do run high in this anime and will pull at your heart strings a bit.

The biggest relationship hurdle was between the main two characters Ichika and Kaito, it’s was one of those things you know was going to happen towards the end of the anime, they would get together and blah blah. It’s still how they get to that point of being together I actually really loved <3.

What it was about their relationship was the added touch of Ichika being a alien, I was glad the anime never went into detail about where she was from and planet earth was going to be destroyed. In honesty that would have ruined this whole anime for me. I enjoyed seeing all the hurdles they went through to get to the point of being together and I didn’t feel the whole thing was rushed because sometimes you like things to take it’s course. Instead of getting to barley know the characters and BANG! they’re in love.

Ichika and Kaito are really cute together and I love the whole glasses thing 

Funnily enough in this anime none of the main characters didn’t end up being my favorite this time around it was actually two of the side characters Kanna (on the left) and Mio (on the right). I was worried because this anime was so short we wouldn’t get to see much personality of the other characters but WE DO GET TO!!! Which made me happy. These two female characters I really connected with and believed to be the strongest (emotional wise) characters when it came to all the conflicting relationships going on within the group.

Some people may end up finding Kanna to be annoying and selfish in the anime when it came to the scenes with Ichika, because Kanna likes Kaito. I thought I would find it annoying but for the first time I felt sorry for a character like Kanna and as the anime progress I could see how strong she really was. Especially when it came to dealing with Kaito and Ichika.

Mio ended being my favorite character of this series, sure she may come across as shy, very self conscious and quiet but as the anime progressed she did begin to change. She struck a cord in me of how strong she was trying to be when she could see Testuro might never return her affections because he liked Kanna.

*sighs* so you can see relationships and romance play a huge roll in this anime,there was a great balance of comedy which broke up all the seriousness of the raging conflicts.

I do have to say Miss Remon character was quite amusing as soon as I saw her in the first episode she instantly reminded me of a character from Please Teacher and Please Twins: Ichigo Morino, then I realised it was the same voice actor for both characters Yukari Tamura. I loved Remon’s character she added fire to the flame with those burning conflicts lol

* Be warned you will need a tissue box *

Overall Rating


I really did love this anime overall but it’s not something I might watch over and over like I would with most of the anime DVD’s in my collection. At the end of the anime is where it made me cry (I am a easy cry baby >.<) you will need a tissue box people I cannot stress that enough haha.

Waiting in the summer had a beautiful concept of relationships and comedy which melded well together, each character’s personality you got to see and has that added sci -fi.
I recommend this anime to anyone looking for a genre change and just wants to chill out for a whole day of watching this anime.

There was never a whole of detailed stuff to talk about for waiting in the summer as it’s a more relaxed anime genre.

Link to watch anime

Currently you can only watch this anime in english subtitles in japanese no english dub has been announced.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review 😀
Comment below if you have seen this anime or any thoughts you have

I’ll see you in the next review!!!


15 thoughts on “Waiting In The Summer Anime Review

      1. haha I did notice that you don’t get a lot of comments but I do actually enjoy reading your reviews. I even started used the app manga rock that you recommended. Lost many days reading. 🙂

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      2. I notice a lot of people don’t get comments on here but I always am commenting In someway it’s finding the time for me to read through all of the posts 😄 Naww Thankyou I like reading your posts as well give me something different to read. Oh you did that’s great! What do you think of the app?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The app itself is actually pretty cool and simple to use. The people behind the app seem to have a lot of staffing issues which is a pain but overall I would give it a 4/5 because of staffing and rare crashing issues (makes me start over from chapter 1).

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      4. I haven’t had my crash before or an issue with. I was thinking of downloading the whole version of it so that wouldn’t happen 🙂

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  1. Ahhh this series! I’m so glad you watched it! This anime means a lot to me, and I loved every minute of it. I really loved the beautiful summery setting, and how it celebrates youth’s ups and downs. All of the characters really connected with me as well, and I loved the relationship developments. I also felt bad for Kanna, but I felt it was a good idea to show that not everyone gets the relationship at the end, and she was able to accept it, which was cool. And that ending theme is sooooo beautiful!! The animation and music really made it something special. I actually just bought the single and had it shipped from Japan (I did that for the opening as well). I realize it’s not a perfect anime, but it hit me so hard emotionally that I’m okay with the flaws. And the ending brought me a combination of tears and a huge smile!
    I ranted more about this series in the review I did with RishRaff reviews, if you want to read it:
    Thanks again for the great review!

    Liked by 1 person

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