Spring Anime 2015: First Impression Of Re-Kan!

First Impression Re-Kan!

Oh Yeh Lita is finally on this anime season band wagon for the first time !!

So out of the first spring anime’s I decided to watch was Re-Kan!
This anime is definitively different from what I have usually watched recently but I wanted to watch something other than romance.

The main plot of the story revolves around Amami Hibiki who can see ghosts and other ghostly surroundings. It’s about her being able to have this gift and the dealings in her daily life with it.

I did not realize this anime was a comedy but I soon found out when I watched the first episode.
I like the opening and ending themes they are really cute, especially the ending (I think that might get stuck in my head)
The beginning of the first episode I thought was good of how they introduced Amami character and how she meets her friend Narumi Inoue.

I can tell Amami and Inoue are going to be hiliarious throughout this anime. Inoue I automatically already love her whole character, she made a laugh a lot during the first episode. Her hilarious reactions to Amami talking supposely to noone there, It looks like it may take a while for her  to get Inoue to believe her. At the end of the episode you do see a cute bit between them where Amami explaining about having her ability that she is able to see beautiful bonds form, I thought that was really beautiful and almost she had Inoue hehe.

We have yet to see the other characters personalities so I am excited for that.

Amami is quite a loveable character.
She’s very considerate and caring. I like her character so far too and I noticed she is not with it sometimes but that is one funny thing about her. ❤

So far this anime has left a good impression on me and I will keep watching it 😀
I can’t wait to see what humor this anime brings 🙂

Comment below if you watched the first episode



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