Serious Talk: Appreciate Reviews

Hello Lovelies 🙂 

I just wanted to mention first that after next Tuesday march I will be less active as I have relatives visiting from England and starting a new exciting job too 😀 So me time is going to be required for me but when I can in the evenings I will update here as I would love to when I can ❤ 

 I wanted to talk about something a bit serious that hit the other day.

It’s a awesome thing blogging I love love doing ❤ It its a great way to express yourself, connect with many people around the world and write about things you love.

But…. I think some people forget how much effort and thought is put into posts that the blogger is writing up. I would say highly for reviewers. For example when I write a review it takes me at least 3 hours or 2 depending on how indecisive I am 😛 Then you have to go through the process of proof reading it all which can take extra time as you want your review to sound good. I always always take extra time to do this as when I am writing reviews I think about the people that will read it. I want my reviews to be able to make people go check out that anime. 

A lot of time for anyone writing up any post takes a lot of patience, work and time, I just think some people forget that and should just take a stand back sometimes and appreciate what has been written in front of them. When I read any posts I always think about how the person must have felt writing about what they love ❤ so other readers may feel the same as them. 

It just takes a lot of dedication to do this sort of thing and it’s just nice to appericate it, let’s be honest blogging is only slowly getting popular again where a few years ago it wasn’t. So I think it’s wonderful the blogging world is taking off again 🙂 

That’s all I wanted to say on this issue 
Please comment below about anything from this post if you wish to do so.
Thankyou for reading 

12 thoughts on “Serious Talk: Appreciate Reviews

  1. Whenever I review something I always try to teach a person something they may not have with the behind the scenes part of the review. Like the author of this manga also wrote this or during the writing process this happened. Sometimes this takes a couple of minutes to fins, but it can take a while to find as well.

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